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We understand you are on a magickal journey in harmony with god and goddess.   As you grow with your craft we are here to supply everything you'll need to make your rituals and ceremonies come to life.  Well, we know you make that happen, but we can still help with athames, cauldrons, herbs, tarot supplies, and a vast number of pagan books for information and learning.  Being Pagan is not just a once-a-week for a couple hours experience but instead it is a way of life.  In the Pagan tradition and with fire, water, earth, air, and spirit, all our elements are on the table and we are ready to do magick. 

Tarot decks, tarot cards, tarot kits, gemstones & crystals, and alter accessories are on sale now.  The specials will be updated ever month.  All herbs and candle accessories are 35% off.  Specials will last one month unless the item becomes discontinued from our catalog.  All first time non-international orders will receive a paper catalog.  When the catalog is updated the customer will receive another catalog.  Generally, catalogs are updated once or twice a year.

Our Pagan store is dedicated to our customers and we would like you feel free to contact us with whatever questions you may have.  Email us anytime or contact us by phone during our store hours.  We have been selling pagan supplies since 2002 in Southern Oregon.  We wish many blessings to everyone.  Thank You.

Please contact me at forum@yourpagansupplies.com if you have any questions about the forum.  We have also have a chat room to use at your convenience.  This chat room is attached to 4 websites including this one.  Eventually we will give times for guided meditations, astral journeys, and healings.  Stay tuned for news.

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The Year Wheel

The practice is one of the pagan world's appreciated and the believers live according to the seasons. Also known as the Gardnerian Wheel, this is a peculiar feature of the nations used to describe the different seasons and the rituals and ceremonies should be celebrated accordingly. The wheel is broken into four calendar quarters two equinoxes and two solstices. There are also four Celtic festivals. Each quarter represents a change in the life cycle and the change of life, God and Goddess, a pair of paganism that worships.

February marks the first and second transformation of the Goddess of a child to a maiden, while their male counterparts (God) reached adulthood. March 21: Spring equinox and the God of the fertilization of the goddess, who descended on Earth. May 1 is the union between God and Goddess. June 21 symbolizes the vegetation of the Earth through the "green man" who is the God of nature. July 31 marks the beginning of the harvest season and lost the power of God. The second season begins Sept. 21 harvest, which also means the death of God, his transformation into Ghost King and his journey into hell. October 31 is known in paganism as "All Hallows Eve" and points the way to the underworld Goddess. The rebirth of God takes place December 21.

Pagan Supplies

There are many online stores to shop for Pagan Supplies used in Wicca, paganism and for spells. Some of these supplies include chalices, spell kits, spell candles, gemstones, statues, herbs and various other items.

What Is Pagan or Paganism?

The internet contains a plethora on information about paganism. If you are new to paganism or if you have only just started to study about this subject, it might be hard to understand exactly what paganism is and all that it encompasses. While each pagan group might have its own set of specific beliefs, there are basic principles that are common to almost every pagan path. You can find more information about paganism at this supply online store.

Tools of the Craft

These are tools such as chalices, wands, cauldrons as well as gemstones. You may learn about these commonly used tools of paganism and what you need on your altar by shopping at Your Pagan Supplies.

When looking for pagan supplies, you need to find pagan stores where you are able to find gemstones, herbs as they bring unique energies to the table when doing work with spells. Not only are they used doing spells, but herbs are also becoming more prevalent each day to heal health problems around the world.

But before taking any herbs for any reason, it is vital to refer with a physician or herbologist who may make certain that nothing you are drinking or eating can be harmful to you. Just as certain gemstones help with certain areas of your life, so can certain herbs and there are lists of information on both gemstones and herbs on the internet.

Pagan Tools and Supplies

To start with pagan supplies and ritual tools you need to know where to find them; how to make them; how to choose which one you need and how to treat them after you get them.

There are 3 main sources of pagan supplies: buy them; make them yourself; or find them in nature.

A simple Google search will connect you with all the tools and pagan stores and supplies that you need. This is also a good way to find many good articles to help you along the way with learning about this new path.

Buying From Others

You can also buy pagan supplies from another witch who doesnít want or need them any longer - possibly because she's created fabulous new ones.

This could be desirable in some cases, particularly if you know that it was made with sacred commitment. But donít buy anything you believe might have been used for harmful intent as that energy can be too hard to clear up.

You can contact other pagan believers from the many forums that are also easily found on the internet.


Most bookstores online or off, have a religion section and/or New Age section. Often there are sections for the Supernatural or Metaphysical. Books are important for study, research, and information.

You can even purchase a Witch figure for the kitchen, Zen Garden (with rocks, sand, and rake), a Tarot mini deck, or a mini fountain (comes with everything) all for under $10.00. These kits are compacted, and come with everything needed. They are perfect for a small altar, office space, or for a person who has an altar "hidden" in dresser drawer or a closet.

The point being that whether you are new to this or been involved for years, it is easy to find pagan supplies and tools on the internet.

Most orders ship within 24 hours on weekdays; however, be aware that some orders can take up to 72 hours to ship. Orders are shipped Monday-Friday unless there is a holiday.  This site is secure and uses up to 256-bit encryption for logon, credit cards, and other secure transactions. We do not store credit card numbers on our server. Our website resides on our own Linux server, located at our office which makes it more secure than most of the other sites who use web-hosting.  We do take telephone and fax orders. Join our newsletter for information about upcoming sales and new items.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover but, prefer PayPal. No checks accepted, so if you would like to use a check, please use PayPal pay by check option. Paypal has buyer and seller protection and is the best way to buy and sell online. With Paypal is easy to pay even if you don't have a paypal account. There is an option to pay without joining (It will say, "Don't have a Paypal Account..." on the left side.). We have paypal express or make your order then checkout with Paypal.

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